Dr. Amatul B Khalid MD. has been a Board Diplomate Medical Doctor for over 23 years. Her statement is below.

“I have 24 years of practical experience including, traditional internal medicine, geriatrics, and pain and palliative care. Initially certified by The Internal Medicine Boards inĀ  1997, I have recently passed the recertification exam. You may check my American Board of Internal Medicine status at www.abim.org

I believe that clear and concise communication plays a vital role in a sincere doctor-patient relationship. Furthermore, I believe that compassion, empathy, and sympathy are crucial traits of a successful physician. I enjoy my profession because it rewards me with an opportunity to help humanity and relieve their sufferings. While talking to a patient or a family member, I persistently try to put myself in their situation and try to understand their emotions and frustrations.

I am a professional with a serious commitment to my patients. I like to make consultations as comforting as possible while still collecting critical facts through patient-history; my success in this regard is evident through patient-feedback. I am down to earth, polite and have a good sense of humor.

I feel blessed that God has given me this opportunity to help people in physical or emotional distress. I feel accomplished and content whenever I smile at a patient, give them a hug, hold their hands or wipe the tears from their eyes, and I know that I have made a difference in this world. recommended care. In addition, these patients were less likely to complete recommended testing for preventive and chronic illness care.